Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival

Carters’ Fall Festival made its start when a friend suggested that the farm host a Harvest Hootenanny at the Pumpkin Patch for her preschool students. Later the Carters hosted the first Pumpkin Day at the newly built barn market on East 34 in October 1994. Maggie’s Diner provided popcorn, cider, and pumpkin bars, and customersContinue reading “Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival”

Grandma Kulp’s Eggs-and-Greens

This summer dish comes from Maxine Carter’s mother, Irene Kulp: First, cook greens of your choice (try spinach, watercress, or cabbage) in bacon fat in the skillet. Then mix some eggs, milk, and vinegar together, with salt and pepper to taste. (The amounts depend on the amount of greens and on how sour you likeContinue reading “Grandma Kulp’s Eggs-and-Greens”

Tomato Tradition

When Russell Carter started raising tomatoes in northern Minnesota, he was carrying on a family tradition. While growing up in Michigan, he helped his father, Clinton Frederick Carter, cultivate field tomatoes. In 1954, Russell moved with his new bride Maxine to Park Rapids, Minnesota. That first summer, he seeded tomatoes in the house, and plantedContinue reading “Tomato Tradition”


Y’all come see us at Carters’ Farm this September and October! We’ll have music, wagon rides, pumpkins, and more. We’re excited to host another year of autumn festivities at the farm! This year, we will be open on Saturday (10:30-6) and Sunday (12-6), as well as Friday, October 22 (MEA Weekend), between September 18 and October 31. Continue reading “FALL FESTIVAL 2021”

Carters’ Farm Returns to Roots

June 10, 2021  “Y’all come see us at the farm!” In 1969, Russell Carter was in the farm garage looking at a long white board, trying to think of something to paint. The sign would go atop a wooden wheel wagon pulled by two ponies in the Park Rapids Logging Days Parade. A big goalContinue reading “Carters’ Farm Returns to Roots”