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From the cacao trees of Guatemala to the Minnesota heartland. Seed-to-bar chocolate raised by the Carter family.

We are happy to offer handmade, seed-to-bar chocolate! Raised in Guatemala, refined in the Minnesota heartland.

Dwight Carter has owned a fruit farm in Guatemala for over thirty years. This year, he’s refining his naturally raised cacao at the Carter farm in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

A cacao tree at Dwight Carter’s farm in Guatemala
Dwight harvesting cacao

The bar is made of more than chocolate: it’s also a final product of a delicate undertaking. This chocolate is seed-to-bar: the cacao seeds (or cacao beans) are harvested from cacao trees, raised in Dwight’s Guatemala farm’s own nursery from seed, and refined and packaged at the Carter farm in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

At Carters’, we’ve always known how important it is to know where food comes from and how it comes to us, and we cherish every opportunity we can to cultivate that closeness between the soil where the seed is sown, the farmer that harvests the fruit, and the friends who enjoy the harvest together.

Watch for opportunities to taste this chocolate, and to learn more about how it is grown and made. Currently, we offer chocolate at the Walker and Park Rapids Farmers’ Market.

We will be offering 70% cacao bars, but will also be experimenting with lesser and greater percentages based on demand.

Based on customer interest, we intend to experiment with different percentages (50%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%) of chocolate. We are also experimenting with different packaging and shapes of chocolate. Currently, we will be offering single bars and medallions. The bars have been packaged at an artisan factory near Dwight Carter’s farm in Guatemala, while the coins have been refined and packaged at the Carter farm in Park Rapids.

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