Carters’ Farm

Fresh Produce and Farm Festivities

Find us at the Park Rapids Farmers’ Market Saturdays, 9-1pm, and at Walker, Thursdays, 9-2pm! We have fresh lettuce, cucumbers, kale! Our tomatoes are just starting to trickle in! You can also find our produce at the Red Barn on E. Highway 34 in Park Rapids.

Introducing…Carters’ Chocolate! Check out our new page!

Check out info on the Fall Festival 2022!

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We’re located at 14766 119th Avenue Park Rapids, MN 56470. Come see us at the farm!

What We Grow: 2022 Season

  • Specializing in Tomatoes
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
  • Bell Peppers
  • Pumpkins
  • More details coming soon!

History. We were founded in 1956 by Russell and Maxine Carter. Read more of our story here.

People, Land, Community

There has never been a better time to get to know your local farmers and to encourage the next generation of land stewards.

Why We Farm


Arthurian Forest Drama

Lady Elaine has discovered that Mordred, a traitorous knight of the king’s court, has captured the queen! Will King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table be able to rescue her? Come out to Carters’ Fall Festival and take a journey to Camelot on the autumn wagon ride drama, appropriate for…

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Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival

Carters’ Fall Festival made its start when a friend suggested that the farm host a Harvest Hootenanny at the Pumpkin Patch for her preschool students. Later the Carters hosted the first Pumpkin Day at the newly built barn market on East 34 in October 1994. Maggie’s Diner provided popcorn, cider,…

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Grandma Kulp’s Eggs-and-Greens

This summer dish comes from Maxine Carter’s mother, Irene Kulp: First, cook greens of your choice (try spinach, watercress, or cabbage) in bacon fat in the skillet. Then mix some eggs, milk, and vinegar together, with salt and pepper to taste. (The amounts depend on the amount of greens and…

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