Fun for all ages!

Y’all come see us at Carters’ Farm for our Fall Festival! With just two weeks left of the 2021 season, come out and enjoy our 5-acre corn maze, live music, wagon rides, pumpkin, magic shows, festive food, and more. This week, we’ll be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for MEA Weekend.

We’re excited to host another year of family-friendly autumn festivities at the farm (14766 119th Avenue, Park Rapids, Minnesota)! This year, we are open on Saturday (10:30-6) and Sunday (12-6), as well as Friday, October 22 (MEA Weekend), between September 18 and October 31.

This fall, come out to Carters’ Farm (14766 119th Avenue, Park Rapids, MN) for family fun! Not only is there a maze, giant slide, wagon ride, pumpkins, music, and magic shows, but we also are hosting several splendid food and beverage vendors, so you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, or try a caramel apple!

This year’s corn maze features a medieval fantasy theme of Arthurian Legends. Our 5-acre corn maze provides the opportunity for visitors to learn about the tales of King Arthur and focuses on the difference between myth and history.

Admission price: $10/person, 4 & under are free.

For interested school/club field trips, contact Steven Carter (509-710-7735).

Arthurian Legends Theme, 2021

We also have traditional activities, such as the corn bin, slide, duck races, barrel trains, straw bale maze, cow milking, steer roping, crow shoot, and more!

Explore the corn maze!

NEW to this year’s festival is the Corn Crib Stage, which hosts live music and magic shows. The country folk band Carter Junction performed on October 9 and 10 this year. Carter Junction is Clinton and Sarah Carter, who visited us from Idaho to perform their signature blend of country and Celtic music.

We’re super excited also to welcome back the phenomenal Imaginick and the family bluegrass band Figuring It Out this year as well!

Imaginick will be performing at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm on Saturdays (except Oct. 9/10) and 2 and 4pm on Sundays, as well as Oct. 22.
Figuring It Out will be performing on the Corn Crib Stage Sundays at 1 and 3pm (Sept. 18 – Oct. 24), as well as throughout MEA Weekend (Oct. 22-24).

We are so happy to host several local businesses at the festival this year, including CaliKombucha, Café 13 (Summerhill Farm), Aunt Belle’s Confectionary, Spurlin’s Kettle Corn, The Cottage Baker, more! Café 13 offers hot beverages (coffee, tea, etc), hot soup, and baked goods. Aunt Belle’s offers some of their delectable candies, plus caramel apples, and Mark Bridge, the Cottage Baker, offers baked goods on Saturdays!

See King Arthur and his knights right here in northern Minnesota!

Over the years, Red Wagon Farm, with Tony Carter’s creativity, has had themes for the corn maze and wagon ride, including Robin Hood, Davy Crockett, Mountain Men, Vikings, and the Hobbit. This autumn at Carters’ Farm, under the management of Dwight and Steven Carter, we’re continuing that tradition with the wagon ride theme of King Arthur (along with the corn maze theme of Arthurian Legends), where visitors are taken to the tournament grounds of his castle of Camelot.

Enjoy fall refreshments!

Food Vendors

  • CaliKombucha
  • Aunt Belle’s Confectionary
  • Café 13
  • Spurlin’s Kettle Corn
  • The Cottage Baker (on Saturdays)
Take home farm-fresh pumpkins!


  • Arthurian Legends 5-acre Corn Maze
  • King Arthur-themed Wagon Ride
  • Farm Animals
  • Face Painting
  • Corn Pit
  • Trebuchet Demonstration
  • Steer Roping
  • Cow Milking
  • Mini Golf
  • Rat Trap
  • Straw Bale Maze
  • Photo Ops
  • Play Barn/Silo
  • Giant Slide
  • Crow Shoot
  • Barrel Train
  • The Crank Machine
  • Imaginick Magic Shows
Aunt Belle’s will have their wonderful caramel apples!


Did you know?

Carters’ Fall Festival is under new management!

From the beginning, the Carter family has worked together, with family members on the farm managing operations and other family members helping out as they are able. In the mid-1990s, the Carter family together built the timber-frame barn market on East 34, where Dwight and Tony worked together on the first pumpkin parties. Starting in the 2000s, Tony and Linda Carter operated the pumpkin parties for nearly twenty years, moving the festival to the farm and expanding the event each season. Tony’s creativity fueled the festivals each year as he crafted clever and fun new family entertainment every year.

In summer 2021, Tony and Linda sold the red barn market on East 34 to focus on new adventures off the farm. But Tony continues to enjoy working with his festival creations, such as the popular pumpkin launcher and the animatronic scarecrow band. Additionally, Tony (under the Red Wagon Farm name) continues to grow strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus on the farm land. Carters’ Farm owner, brother Dwight, runs overall operations and nephew Steven oversees this 2021 fall festival.

Read more about the history of Carters’ Farm here.