Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival

Pumpkins for the whole family!

Carters’ Fall Festival made its start when a friend suggested that the farm host a Harvest Hootenanny at the Pumpkin Patch for her preschool students.

Later the Carters hosted the first Pumpkin Day at the newly built barn market on East 34 in October 1994. Maggie’s Diner provided popcorn, cider, and pumpkin bars, and customers could pick out pumpkins to take home. There was usually a scarecrow on hand ready to help customers carry pumpkins, and a guitar player or two to serenade all the folks around. 

Russell and Maxine Carter play for customers at the market.

Later the Amaizing Maize (Corn) Maze was added to the pumpkin parties, as were hay wagon rides, which included a short skit with scarecrows, crows, and sometimes a stray gorilla or bear. The scarecrow would bravely defend the pumpkin patch from the crow.

Scarecrows have been a crucial part of the fall festival in the past—who else is going to help you carry all those pumpkins?

In 2011 the pumpkin parties were moved onsite to the farm, and both the corn maze and other festivities were expanded under the creativity and direction of Tony and Linda Carter. Every year, Tony would create a new theme, with matching maze design and wagon ride drama shows.

This year, we’re proud to continue the traditions of family-friendly music, local food, storytelling, and entertainment. 

An early Maize Maze!

So: y’all come see us this September and October at the farm! See our home page for more info on the Fall Festival’s vendors and schedule of events.

Gideon Carter and the fall 2021 pumpkin harvest!

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