Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival

Carters’ Fall Festival made its start when a friend suggested that the farm host a Harvest Hootenanny at the Pumpkin Patch for her preschool students. Later the Carters hosted the first Pumpkin Day at the newly built barn market on East 34 in October 1994. Maggie’s Diner provided popcorn, cider, and pumpkin bars, and customersContinue reading “Pumpkin Extravaganza: A Short History of Carters’ Fall Festival”


Y’all come see us at Carters’ Farm this September and October! We’ll have music, wagon rides, pumpkins, and more. We’re excited to host another year of autumn festivities at the farm! This year, we will be open on Saturday (10:30-6) and Sunday (12-6), as well as Friday, October 22 (MEA Weekend), between September 18 and October 31. Continue reading “FALL FESTIVAL 2021”